A Sunday Smile,



I will eventually purge you
from my mind,
from the folds of my eyelids.
I will eventually lose track
of how little you cared
to tell me what was going on
in your head.

I hope it comes soon,
the chill on my skin
instead of the warmth I felt under your callused palm
on the thick of my thigh.

Beauty of the Universe II - Colors

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Laying in bed naked and listening to Arctic Monkeys at 4 am because that’s all I want my life to be


Polarized Light Microscopy

1). Plagioclase feldspars are commonly twinned. It is almost a rule. This photo has been taken from a sample of diorite from Adamello (Italy). This rock formed approximately 35 million years ago.

2). Myrmekite - a fine-grained intergrowth of plagioclase and quartz - in a high-grade metamorphic rock from the Ivrea Zone, Italy. Quartz forms the worm-like thin parts within larger plagioclase single crystals.

3). “Ocean Jasper”. This was a pendant carved out of “Ocean jasper” from Madagascar. After cutting it and putting it under a polarized-light ZEISS Axio Scope, it turned out to contain a microscopic garden of “orbicules” in a fine-grained silica matrix. The formation of orbicules or “spherulites” results from the process of devitrification of a rhyolitic lava upon cooling.

4). Graphite and feldspars in a ultra-high temperature granulite from the Kerala Khondalite Belt (India).

5). A blueschist from Aosta Valley, Italy. The rock is made of glaucophane, epidote, phengte.

6)Radiating andalusite crystals in a partially melted xenolith in rhyolitic lavas from Lipari, Italy. Taken with a digital camera mounted on a ZEISS Axio Scope, with crossed polarizers and the red tint plate (rotated as to reach the preferred colors).

Credit: Bernardo Cesare, Dipartimento di Geoscienze, Universita’ di Padova.


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